My hair

My hair

I met the sweetesr guy at Dada Land.

I met the sweetesr guy at Dada Land.

And all she wants is someone to be afraid of losing her.

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Make peace with the chaos inside your chest before reaching to find calm outside of you.

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Missing you won’t bring you back.

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Craving sex.

Anonymous said, "Dear future girlfriend,"


Hope you’re having a good summer. Mines been all over the place, the girl before you really messed me up and my idea of love, I’ll admit i’m pretty jaded and wish i was oblivious to feelings. It may take awhile for you and I to connect so sorry if i don’t read the signals or just wanna do me for a bit, but i will find you. Maybe we already know each other, maybe i haven’t met you yet, maybe you’re in Hawaii or a girl on Tinder I have yet to swipe right on. But know this, you’re gonna be the girl I break rule 14 for. You’re gonna be the girl that restores my faith in love. The girl i’d fly an ocean for and feel really appreciated for doing so. The girl who’s heart drops when Kaskade drops Last Chance. The girl who’ll let me look into her eyes and sing Latch too in Kinetic Field with thousands everywhere as well as in private with just us two. The girl who’ll wear my letters with pride. The girl i’ll be taking to TomorrowLand and Ibiza and all over the world.

No rush to find you cause I know I will. I try to firmly believe in ‘if its supposed to happen, it will happen.’ when we do finally connect i’ll remember every aspect of how i fell in love with you and tell you every chance i get, from the time of day to what we were wearing.  Every ex-girlfriend has showed me what I want and DON’T want and I won’t settle till I finally have you.

So do you, please don’t be slutting around this very instance lol. 

see you soon and love you. <3 

Is anyone going to Dada Land this weekend?

I’d like to meet some new people.m

Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.

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You are the only person you need to be good enough for.

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You take me higher and above
And then you turn
And leave me here with nothing
Red love, red, red love

Repeat for the whole week I fucking swear

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